Dr. Winfield Bevins is an internationally recognized author, artist, and church leader. As a minister and an artist, he has been working at the intersection of art, faith, and the church for more than two decades. He is the founding director of Creo Arts, which is a non-profit that helps engage the world with beauty, goodness and truth through the arts. He is also artist-in-residence and an affiliate professor at Asbury Theological Seminary where he champions the integration of art, theology, and mission.

Over the past decade, he has helped start numerous initiatives and academic programs that have trained leaders from around the world. He frequently speaks at conferences, seminaries, and universities on a variety of topics.

He is the author of several books, including Liturgical Mission: The Work of the People for the Sake of the World, which was nominated for a Reader’s Choice Award (InterVarsity Press, 2022); Ever Ancient Ever New: The Allure of Liturgy for a New Generation (Zondervan, 2019); and Marks of a Movement (2019), which has been translated into Korean and Spanish.  Winfield’s work has been featured in various outlets such as Christianity Today, Publishers Weekly, Outreach Magazine, and Religious News Service. He and his wife have three daughters and live in Kentucky.