Author, Artist, Speaker

Thanks for visiting Winfield Bevins is an internationally recognized author, artist, and speaker. Check out this website to find out more about his writing and artwork. Here is an interview that Winfield recently did with Dr. N.T. Wright where they discussed family, ministry, engaging culture, and beauty.

Bevins draws on ancient and global liturgical traditions to draw us into a deep and mysterious worship of the triune God.
Michael F. Bird
At a time when almost every institution seems to be in crisis, this book shows a better way forward for the church: the way of worship and mission.
Russell Moore
Winfield Bevins uncovers the heart of historic Christian worship in order to steady us and to guide us.
Glenn Packiam
This book chronicles a remarkably hopeful trend in today's churches.
Wesley Hill
Timely words for an unusual time that can become timeless.
Scot McKnight
A valuable resource for forming the habits of the soul for every age.
Gloria Gaither
A timely book that helps the church rediscover the vital relationship between worship, theology, and mission.
Justo L. González