Showing Love to My Lutherans

I have recently had two different Lutherans reach out to me about how the book resonated with their journey into Lutheranism and wanted to know why I had not mentioned their tradition. I have to make a true confession; Ever Ancient Ever New does not mention the Lutheran Tribe. This was an oversight on my part […]

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Liturgy as a Launching Pad for Mission

Many contemporary Christians see liturgy as an outdated impediment to the church’s mission. The archaic language and ancient rhythms are associated with static, stale spirituality. The stereotype is a church stuck in the past, focused on itself, and largely irrelevant to today’s problems. While this may apply to some churches in the liturgical tradition, I […]

C.S. Lewis on The Reading of Old Books

We often focus on reading books that feature the latest, newest, ideas rather than reading old time honored books that have stood the test of time. A number of years ago, C.S. Lewis recommended the reading of old books in his introduction to Athanasius’ On the Incarnation.  There is a strange idea abroad that in every subject […]

What’s Drawing a New Generation to Liturgy? An Interview with Author Winfield Bevins

Here is a recent interview I did with Joshua Steele for Anglican Pastor. Winfield Bevins has been a part of the team here at Anglican Pastor for a while now. (Click here to read his posts.) We’re excited to announce the publication of his latest book, Ever Ancient, Ever New: The Allure of Liturgy for a New Generation. As somewhat […]

A Tale of Two Movements

Two major movements are reshaping the future landscape of the church in North America. I know, because I have one foot in each one of them, and each one of these movements has profoundly influenced my life and ministry. At times I have felt a little schizophrenic because these two movements rarely seem to intersect […]